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Runa Cushion Cover

25 USD / Out of stock.

Runa is the smexy dragon mama. Once upon a time, Runa tried to invade the kingdom as the fiery dragon. Not knowing how to fight back, the king decided to sacrifice his only son to appease her. Turns out the prince was better in doing that than anyone expected AND in ways that no one expected either.

Now Runa and the prince lived happily ever after as wife and husband and even have a child dragonkin. Married life is never boring for the two of them as they spice their nightly activities with sexy roleplaying ALL THE TIME (or as long as they are sure their lovely daughter is asleep [She’s not]).

Now you can hug the MILF at night for some… *ahem* activities yourself with the Runa cushion. Don’t need to tell us what epic storyline you reenact with her.

We can guess.

Cushion cover is 45×45 cm.

Cover does not come with cushion.