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MON GIRL Collection 2

20 USD / In stock.

One year later, the topic of doing MON GIRL Vol.2 keeps coming up. Every convention we go to, a gang of giggling boys will approach us and cajole each other to get a copy of Vol.1. Then they will ask, "When is Vol.2 coming?"

Fine, fine. GTN was strapped to a chair and commanded to come up with enough new materials for the book. No more Granblue Fantasy or Azur Lane till you are done. At least 30% of the new comics end up referencing those and more other IPs. For legal purposes, we cannot publish those comics. So GTN has to stay on the chair for at least one more month.  

Vol.2 collects the best of GTN's 4komas since the publication of Vol.1. This include some new comics that are totally exclusive just for this book. Everything and more, now available in this 48 page A5 book. 

It is now or never to get something new from him.