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MON GIRL Collection 1

20 USD / Out of stock.
One day, Toranoana contacted us. 'Do you want to put your 4komas into a collection for sale in Japan?', they asked. 
We leapt at that opportunity. At the same time, as we compile and translate all the selected 4komas, a thought came to our head.  
'Why not we sell the English version ourselves?' 
This is the result.

We have selected some of the best 4komas that GreenTeaNeko has come up with from his twisted brain and put them together into an ultimate collection. Yes, this includes some of the Patreon exclusives that you so hate. Everything and more, now available in this 50 page A5 book.  

What better time to get something from him than now?

(Pre-order before 31st Aug 2017 and enjoy a 5 USD discount from the book. Book will be produced and shipped out before 9th Sep 2017)